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Our carpet grippers have an exceptional grip to hold your carpet in place for longer. Made from premium 5-ply plywood with galvanized pins and zinc-plated nails, the gripper rods help prevent your carpet from bunching or sliding.

Additionally, they’re dual-sided and ideal on wooden and concrete flooring. One side has nails to help the carpet gripper to stick on your concrete flooring and pins that attach to your carpet.

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Showing all 4 results

Benefits of Carpet Grippers: Why You Need Them?

Prevent Rug Slipping

A carpet without gripper rods can increase your chances of tripping and falling. Having a rug gripper anchors your carpet securely to your floor to stop it from moving and bunching. This makes it ideal for areas with high traffic.

Extends the Longevity of Your Carpet

Carpets are often placed on hard flooring surfaces like wood and concrete to increase comfort. But often these hard surfaces can reduce your carpet’s density and visual appeal. Installing our grippers for carpets provides support to your carpet, helping it spring back more easily.

Protects Your Floors

Apart from taking care of your carpets, it can help you protect your floors. Our gripper rods offer a protective barrier for your floors, ensuring it doesn’t have scratches or other damages.

Easy and Fast Installation

With just a hammer, you can stick our carpet grippers onto your floors with ease. You should ensure the nails face downwards to hold on to the floors while the pins face upwards to grip the carpet edges.

Buy Carpet Grippers Online

When it comes to securing your carpets, Buy Flooring Online offers premium carpet gripper rods that can fit perfectly in your residential or commercial space. Whether you have wooden or concrete flooring, we’ve got a gripper rod for you.