When installing new carpet, laminate or wood flooring, selecting the right underlay is critical in order to maximise the life of your new floor. It’ll also help with comfort, heat insulation and sound proofing.

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Showing 1–12 of 33 results

When installing a new carpet, laminate or wood flooring in your home, office, or rental property, use a base of underlay in order to maximise the life of your new flooring.

Underlay – what is it and what does it do?

Underlay is a cushioned material that is laid under the floorcovering for the purposes of protection, sound reduction, density, and underfoot comfort. Underlays absorb the wear and tear that frequent foot traffic causes. It prevents your carpeting from getting damaged as fast as it otherwise would and allows it to remain buoyant and soft for a more extended period of time. Underlays are the unsung heroes of the flooring universe.

Why do I need an Underlay?

  • Absorbs foot noise
  • Prolongs the life of new floorcoverings
  • Smoothen out the imperfections in the flooring
  • Keeps the floor warm
  • Reduces flattening of the floors

What are the types of underlay?

Underlays can be made out of various materials, including foam, felt, recycled plastic, and a few different kinds of rubber. There are many different types of underlays with unique specifications to suit a range of flooring, for example, flooring with an underfloor-heating or thick, strong laminate underlay for impact reduction.

Where can I buy a quality underlay?

Buy Flooring Online is an experienced online retailer in the UK selling a full range of products manufactured by the recognised leaders of the flooring industry, among them Ball & Young, Carpet City,  Cloud 9, Tredaire and Duralay.

If you are planning to buy an underlay for your carpet, laminate, or wood flooring, we recommend that you check out our exclusive range of underlay options available in all thicknesses, DB levels, and tog ratings. Pattern, roll size, and density are the measures people look out for when choosing an underlay.

We believe in providing the best products to maximise the lifespan of your floors and are confident that your search for the perfect underlay ends here.