Radiator Pipe Covers

We specialise in beautiful and stylish radiator pipe covers that work wonders in concealing messy pipework. Our self-adhesive peal & stick radiator pipe collars are available in a circular shape and a huge range of colours to enhance the look of your home.

From Light & Dark ranges to all shades of Oak – you are guaranteed to find the right radiator pipe cover for your flooring!

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Showing 1–12 of 70 results

Showing 1–12 of 70 results

How To Install Radiator Pipe Covers

Applying your self-adhesive radiator pipe covers for wooden or laminate flooring is easy! All you have to do is remove the backing, position it how you want it, and stick it down. Don’t forget to make sure the surface it gets placed on is clean and dust-free first!

Buy Laminate Self-Adhesive Pipe Covers Online

At Buy Flooring Online we’ve got everything you need to cover your radiator pipes safely and stylishly. Our selection of over 70 different Self Adhesive Radiator Pipe Covers has the perfect solution for you in almost every colour you could want. Matching Laminate Scotia Beading trims are also available in our online store to complete your flooring project

So take a look at what we have, and you will find precisely what you need to hide your unsightly radiator pipes today.