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6 Things You Should Know About Vinyl Adhesive Blog Featured Image

6 Things You Should Know About Vinyl Adhesive

Flooring is arguably one of the most pronounced aspects of any space. It obviously plays a huge role in the functionality of a room but it also affects the visual appeal as well. And that’s exactly why so many people choose vinyl flooring for their spaces, both commercial and residential.

When picking out flooring, the installation process can often be forgotten. But vinyl adhesive is a huge factor in using this type of flooring, even though it’s not talked about as often.

Luckily for you, we’ve got an answer to all of your questions. Read on for the top six things you need to know about vinyl flooring and the adhesive you’ll need when installing it!

1. Vinyl Benefits

The main reason why many people choose to use vinyl flooring in such a wide variety of spaces is because of its versatility and functionality.

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and can stand up to even some of the toughest home conditions. It’s waterproof so can be used in any room of the home. That factor also makes it very easy to clean without any special cleaning guidelines. This type of flooring is ideal for a busy family with kids or pets but also for busy commercial spaces as well.

Not only is it extremely versatile, but it also looks amazing. You can find vinyl flooring in almost any pattern, colour, and type you can imagine. It’s made to imitate other types of flooring and does an amazing job.

Best of all, it’s built to last. So you won’t be disappointed a few years in with how it has held up.

2. Adhesive’s Role

One of the biggest reasons it can stand up to years of wear and tear is the vinyl flooring adhesive used during installation.

All vinyl flooring is attached using some kind of adhesive, though there are many different types depending on your specific needs with the space and preferences. You can choose the best vinyl adhesive for your project with the help of a professional who has experience with each product.

Getting the right adhesive is crucial to making sure the flooring will last as long as you want it to. Before purchasing your vinyl adhesive, have a clear understanding of what the project looks like.

3. Lifetime Requirement

No flooring is designed to last forever with no upkeep or maintenance. But many who are putting in new flooring have an ideal lifetime they’d like their new flooring to reach. This is an important number to nail down as you begin to figure out what is the best vinyl adhesive for your project.

In general, vinyl flooring can last fifteen years if well taken care of. Sometimes homeowners can even extend it beyond that timeframe. That long life is due largely to the adhesive that prevents the flooring from peeling or warping over time.

But some people choose to use vinyl flooring as a placeholder until they can put in a different type. If that’s the case you’ll want a less permanent adhesive that will be more easily removed when the time comes.

4. Underlay Factor

Another factor that plays into what type of vinyl flooring adhesive you should use is what will be underneath the vinyl flooring itself. The underlay will have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness, functionality, and feel of the vinyl.

There are several things that are important to think about when choosing an underlay material but one of the most important is how you want the floor to feel. Think about what the space is going to be used, will it be stood on for long periods of time or is it mostly a pass-through area? Having a good idea of what the interaction with the flooring will be, helps you make the right choice.

Once you know what kind of underlay you’ll be using, you can choose a vinyl adhesive that is compatible with that.

5. Location Specifics

The location where the vinyl flooring will be laid plays a huge role in what will be the best vinyl adhesive glue for your project.

Obviously, the location will affect how permanent you want the flooring to be and therefore, how strong the adhesive will need to be. It also will play into if you need a certain kind of underlay or not.

But, maybe more importantly, it will determine how much flooring you’ll be placing which has a major impact on what type of adhesive you choose to use. Some adhesives are more suited for smaller jobs and others work great for a larger installation or even a full house coverage.

Take this information with you when you go to purchase your adhesive to make sure it will work with your project’s specifics.

6. Installation Process

A final factor to consider when choosing the best vinyl adhesive for your project is what type of installation you want to have. The installation process is where you’ll be dealing the most with the adhesive and where it has the most influence on the outcome.

If you’re having a professional handle the installation, they’ll likely have a preference of what type they’d like to work with. But if you’re handling it on your own, you’ll want to look into how each specific option works and what working with that product will actually look like.

In order to have favourable outcomes, the installation process has to be completed properly, so choosing the right adhesive for the job is critical!

Using Vinyl Adhesive for Your Remodel

Making decisions for your home or commercial space can be so stressful. There are so many factors to consider and think about, a final choice can be hard to come by. But you can take what vinyl adhesive to use off of your list, we’ve got you covered!

Working with our professional sales staff will help you find the exact product you’re looking for to help get your project done right and have the lasting results you want.

If you’re ready to get started choosing your new flooring, contact us today for all of the options!