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Carpet Underlay

What Is A Carpet Underlay?

Many upmarket homes come with deep, soft carpets or gleaming wooden floors. There is definitely something luxuriously decadent in walking around barefoot with soft flooring underfoot.

soundproofing carpet underlay

What Is Soundproof Carpet Underlay? Everything You Need To Know

In today’s world of constant activity and noise, everyone can use some peace and quiet. You brew some tea, sit down in your parlour, and take a deep breath, only to hear the footsteps and music of your family members upstairs.

Underlay under the carpet

8 Essential Tips To Choose The Right Underlay For A New Home

If you look up at a starry sky at night you’re wowed and amazed by the beauty of what you can see. If you’re an astrophysicist then you’re more likely attracted to what cannot be seen. Scientists call it ‘Dark Matter’, which makes up the majority of the physical matter in the universe.