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7 Benefits Of Laminate Flooring Blog Featured Image

7 Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

Are you considering a change in your flooring? Are you looking for a quality flooring installation that does not hurt your wallet?

You should consider laminate flooring, which continues to be a popular choice. It also continues to develop and become even better. The laminate flooring market is predicted to reach $13.7 billion by 2025!

While styles vary, each laminate floor has different layers. The layers include a base layer, image layer, and wear layer. Sometimes there is also a backing layer or underlayment.

So, are you interested in learning more about laminate flooring? Read on for seven of its benefits!

1. Versatile Uses

The versatility of laminate flooring continues to improve. Now there are products such as waterproof laminate flooring coming out.

It is the perfect flooring for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and most other rooms! It is not advised to rooms prone to moisture unless you have a waterproof floor installation.

Avoid bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas that get wet or are mopped regularly. Scotia beading covers the gaps around the edges of laminate flooring. But any moisture that gets in can warp or swell flooring.

2. Great Durability

The wear layer of laminate flooring makes its durability one of the best out of all flooring. It depends on the flooring quality, foot traffic, and what products you use to clean the flooring. However, it usually lasts between 15 to 25 years!

If you get laminate underlay, your flooring is less likely to get damaged. Underlay allows the floor to sit equally so that the laminate flooring can be installed in the best way.

Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, stains, and dents. It also offers noise reduction, so it is perfect if you have pets and children. Do not worry about damages, as it is a reliable flooring to the last usage!

You can check the AC rating of the laminate floor to know its durability level. AC1 is the less durable, and AC5 is the most durable. An AC4 or an AC5 is an excellent rating to pick.

3. Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is now a relatively easy installation, so if you like to DIY, now is your time! Or, a professional service will be able to install the floor quickly. It does not need much acclimation time, compared to other floors.

You can install laminate flooring over most floors, just not carpet. The carpet underlay will be too bouncy for laminate flooring. It can also prevent successful installation and cause an uncomfortable finish.

The flooring installation is different from floor coverings like carpet. Then you have carpet grippers and flooring adhesive.

Instead, laminate flooring just snaps together and sits in place. You need to take extra care when on surfaces such as screed surfaces, and the floor should be as even as possible.

Be sure to consider a laminate underlay, which can add insulation. But it can make installation slightly more involved.

You can also consider radiator pipe covers, door bars, and scotia beading. Thinking about all the details will save any need to re-lay or take up flooring later.

4. Different Laminate Styles

Part of the reason why laminate flooring is so versatile is thanks to its many different styles! There are various finishes to choose from, such as wood, tile, and stone. You can also pick from a range of colours to match your room.

The flexibility makes it easy to customise laminate flooring to your liking. You can usually request a sample initially, too, so you can get the exact style for the room in mind.

5. Fantastic Affordability

Laminate flooring has come a long way since it was invented in the 1970s. Now, the high quality and inexpensive options make it a great value.

You have an initial cost that is less than other floors. The easy installation and the fact you can install over flooring reduces labour costs too!

Hire a professional company unless you have flooring installation experience. Installation issues can include floor bubbling, buckling, and loose flooring. You may also get problems later down the line, so invest in a professional service now to save money in the long run.

Maintenance costs are also affordable depending on the problem. Replacement is relatively easy, too, especially if the flooring installation was done correctly.

6. Easy to Clean

Laminate flooring is stain and moisture-resistant, so it is easier to clean than some other floors! You do not have to worry about spilling a colourful drink, having children playing, or having pets around.

You should avoid some cleaning products such as wax, polish, and abrasive cleaners. They can damage the protective finish!

It is possible just to sweep and wipe the floor. But consider a cleaner designed for laminate. It will ensure you keep the flooring in the best possible condition.

7. Health Benefits

It is not often that you can say flooring offers health benefits!

Around 44% of the UK population has at least one allergy. Allergies are often aggravated by items in the home, such as flooring.

Flooring can harbour dust, pollen, and other allergens. And some flooring like carpet can have chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

The good news is laminate flooring is not one of these floors! It is one of the best options as it is hypoallergenic. It is easy to clean and does not trap allergens or dust.

It is also resistant to bacteria and mould growth. And for even more peace of mind, you can add allergen and bacterial coatings.

Get Laminate Flooring Installation

If the benefits of laminate flooring appeal to you, then it is time to take the next step of ordering some samples!

It is important to with a company that is reputable and offers quality laminate that you can trust. You can look at factors such as the laminate thickness, AC level, and moisture resistance. But a professional company will also offer the customer support you need.

At Buy Flooring Online, we offer a range of quality laminate flooring and other options. We are a leading UK online seller. Contact us today to see how we can help with your flooring installation plans!