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A good adhesive is an integral part of properly installing new flooring. You can have the best laminate or vinyl flooring material, but it won’t matter if you don’t affix it to the subfloor properly!

That’s why we’re proud to only stock the most premium adhesives from quality brands like Amtico, Karndean, F Ball, Rewmar and Stikatak.

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Showing all 5 results

What is a flooring adhesive?

A flooring adhesive is a bonding agent used to stick the carpet, laminate, vinyl, wood, rubber flooring or underlay to the sub-floor. A reliable adhesive will hold the foundation and flooring together for a lifetime.

What are the different types of flooring adhesives?

Making sure you use the right adhesive is essential. If you use the wrong glue, your application can go wrong or fail early, since flooring adhesives are designed for different applications and flooring types.

Buy-Flooring-Online provides different adhesives for all different types of flooring, for example, Karndean’s vinyl adhesive exclusively for vinyl tiles, or vinyl adhesive sheets for wood flooring. If you prefer to glue your carpet directly to the sub-floor then try carpet tile adhesive and experience mind-blowing results.

Some adhesives are temperature resistant and have been created with a special high-temperature recipe. This particular variety of adhesives is ideal for most tiling jobs.

Some adhesives are pressure sensitive. They bond only when pressure is applied to them, making them the best choice for repairing cracks and breaks in vinyl flooring.

There are many other kinds of adhesives, and also a few universal adhesives for multiple purposes. Universal adhesives are typically wet-setting and ideal for flooring in places like bathrooms and mudrooms.

Where can I buy quality flooring adhesives?

With top manufacturers like Karndean, Ball & Young, Amtico and F-Ball along with a team of experienced staff, Buy-Flooring-Online is one of the most trusted websites for adhesives and other flooring accessories and understands that a reliable, strong and long-lasting glue is required to stick any flooring, carpet or underlay. Always choose the most suitable adhesive for the most powerful grip.

Browse through our wide range of adhesive options and find the one that’s right for you!