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7 Reasons Why Choosing The Best Carpet Underlay Is Important Blog Featured Image

7 Reasons Why Choosing The Best Carpet Underlay Is Important

When renovating a house, you probably put a lot of thought into the carpet you choose. First, you consider colour. You want it to match the style you are going for.

You also want to make sure it hides any dirt that is tracked in and won’t show stains.

Then you consider texture. Appearance is an important consideration. You also want the texture to be soft to walk barefoot. Depending on taste you may prefer it to be shaggy or short.

But if you stop there you are forgetting something vital: carpet underlay. You may think the carpet itself is more important, but carpet underlay is just as important as the carpet itself. It’s easy to forget about because it’s not visible after installation, but it actually plays an essential role throughout your carpet’s life.

Here are seven reasons why it is important to choose the best, most durable carpet underlay is important in your home renovation project.


Home renovations aren’t cheap, and carpet installation is no exception. Especially when you choose a high-quality carpet, you’ll want to make sure not to skimp on the carpet underlay.

A good carpet underlay can significantly extend the life of a carpet. It provides a layer of padding between the carpet and the floor, which protects the carpet from being damaged by heavy traffic.

With the cost and time involved in home renovations, you won’t want to have to deal with laying carpet again for a long time. A high-quality carpet underlay will keep your carpet looking like new for years to come.


If you’ve ever walked on a tile floor in winter, you know how unpleasant a cold floor can be. Carpet underlay provides an extra layer of insulation, ensuring that your feet will be nice and warm even when it’s freezing cold outside.

The insulation doesn’t just offer comfort, though. As with all home insulation, a good carpet underlay can prevent heat from escaping your home. This will help reduce your energy consumption as you won’t have to fight quite as hard to control the temperature.

Noise reduction

Nobody likes to be woken up by stomping feet. Carpet underlay provides padding that helps dampen noise. This is especially helpful if you have multiple levels in your house and don’t want to hear the kids jumping around upstairs.

In addition to absorbing the sound of stomping feet, carpet underlay will help absorb noise in general. Loud music or conversations won’t carry through the house quite as much. When choosing carpet underlay, remember that the thicker the carpet underlay is, the greater the noise reduction it offers.

Minimal Indentation

Sometimes spring cleaning leads to rearranging the furniture to brighten up a space. When this happens, there are often dents left in the carpet that shows where the furniture was. Heavy furniture like couches, tables, and bed frames that aren’t moved often are particularly prone to leaving unsightly indentations in your carpet.

A durable carpet underlay can prevent this issue. The underlay can help the carpet bounce back to its original position, avoiding or reducing the appearance of ugly indentations.


Our homes are lived in. Some people roll around on the floor with their kids. Some prefer to sit on the floor when they watch movies. Others do home workouts that require various yoga positions and jumping around.

Whatever they are used for, looks aren’t everything when it comes to carpets. A comfortable carpet can make a huge difference in your overall happiness with your house. And a carpet underlay provides an extra level of comfort.

Because the underlay is padding between the carpet and the floor itself, it provides extra comfort for walking, jumping, dancing, or whatever else you do in your home. If you choose a great underlay, walking around your home can become a luxurious experience.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a carpet underlay, and comfort is just one. Generally speaking, the thicker the padding, the more comfortable it will be.

Thorough Cleaning

A common complaint with carpeting is that it can be difficult to clean. Fortunately, carpet underlay makes vacuuming more effective.

When you have a carpet underlay, the carpet raises up slightly from the underlay when vacuuming. This allows more dirt to be picked up with the vacuum cleaner.

Having the ability to clean more thoroughly can make a huge difference, especially because it keeps allergens down. If you choose the best carpet underlay, it might mean much less sneezing during allergy season!


It may seem counterintuitive since it’s an additional expense during carpet installation, but carpet underlay saves you money in the long run.

We already mentioned that it increases the longevity of your carpet. This means that if you choose a good carpet underlay, you will save money over time because you won’t have to replace the carpet as often.

You also save money on your energy bill. Temperature control will become much more effective when the carpet underlay helps insulate your home. Instead of the heat escaping through the floor, your home will stay nice and toasty−and your energy bill will thank you.

Carpet Underlay

It’s obvious that choosing the best carpet underlay is important. It makes your carpet more comfortable, easier to clean, more noise-absorbent, and more durable against indentations. Plus it saves money in the long run with energy savings and increasing the longevity of your carpet.

When you’re ready to start installing a new carpet, don’t forget about the underlay. We offer the largest selection of quality carpet underlays in the UK with free next-day delivery available on many items. Visit our shop and choose the perfect one for your home renovation today!